Sunday, December 4, 2016 Kislev 4, 5777

Zionist Organization of America Greater Philadelphia District

1 Belmont Ave.
Suite 601
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

The Zionist Organization of America-Greater Philadelphia District works tirelessly to defend Israel and to ensure that it remains a safe and secure Jewish State. How do we do that? 

Just think about what is happening in the Middle East, across Europe, and on the rest of the planet today. Hardly a day goes by without a new situation threatening either U.S. support of Israel or Israel's very existence. Sometimes these fires are small, such as an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer casting doubt on Israel's humanitarian qualities. A spark like that requires a quick response to set the record straight. At other times there are larger fires, such as the many homicide-bomb attacks which leave supporters of Israel shaken and grieving and yet leave the worldwide community unmoved. 

In either of these instances -- and countless others within these two extremes - ZOA-GPD is there to lead the response, guide supporters of Israel in how to react, and help clear up their confusion. We tirelessly strive to put out as many of these blazes as we can. 

Think of us as Israel's local volunteer fire department. Often, we are the only area organization that rides to Israel's defense, sounds the alarm and fights fire with fire. 

We know most people, even strong supporters of Israel, cannot possibly keep up with all the details, the moves and counter-moves, the political jockeying and the subtle maneuvers that occur on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis in the Middle East. 

The administration and officers of the ZOA-GPD spend almost all day, almost every day, tracking these changes and formulating responses. Our goal is to provide our members with as much information, in a digestible form, so that each one can be an effective member of the advocacy units working on behalf of Israel. 

And then we educate the policy-makers in our local and national communities. And that is what we can, we must, do for Israel. It's our obligation. It's your obligation. 


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