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The Religion and Society Center

P.O. Box 6798
Harrisburg, PA 17112

THE RELIGION AND SOCIETY CENTER fosters the exploration and development of religiously-based social teachings as they can apply to today's multi-cultural and multi-faith society.

Towards that end, THE RELIGION AND SOCIETY CENTER strives to institutionalize interfaith dialogue so as to explore:

- religious teachings, and assumptions as to their authority, about the good society and human nature; 

- religiously-rooted ritual, and how these might be experienced as spiritual practice that can inform a social vision, motivate spiritual practitioners to engage in social issues, and sustain individuals and groups in their efforts to improve society; 

- questions of religious particularism and universalism - not to elliminate the importance of distinctions and diversity - but to illuminate the importance of the tapestry of teaching that the many religious traditions of the world can bring to each others' understanding of the good society and human nature.

THE RELIGION AND SOCIETY CENTER has four primary areas of exploration:

  • Social Values
  • Religious Authority
  • Religious Practice
  • Interfaith Dialogue

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