Sunday, March 29, 2015 Nisan 9, 5775

My husband and I made a pact to try a 30-day diet that I hoped would purify my body. Instead, I ended up feeling umbilically connected to my kitchen, spending so much energy chopping vegetables that I didn't have much left for the kids. 

I was so sure that switching my oldest son to a new school was the right thing to do, until his pleading — and my gut — changed my mind. 


A recent bout of fights with my almost 11-year-old son got me worried that he's already starting to distance himself from me. 


In my world, experiences with anti-Semitism are uncommon. But after a recent comment that my friend's daughter heard, I thought it was time to prepare my boys in case they ever face such prejudices.

Musings of a Modern Balabusta