Saturday, April 19, 2014 Nisan 19, 5774

Dear Miriam,...


Dear Miriam,
If you go on one or two dates and you know you are not interested, how do you let them know? Ignoring? Texting? Calling? What?!?


Rejecting Reasonably

Dear Rejecting,...


Dear Miriam,
I'm living with a roommate, who I love, but the problem is her STUFF. It's everywhere, and there's a ton of it! I don't want to use the word hoarder, but we're getting there. How do I approach her gently, before we both get buried?

Writing from Under a Pile of Clothes

Dear Pile,

The relationship with a roommate is a delicate one. Similar to how good fences make good neighbors, I'd say that good door-closing habits make good roommates.

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