Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Av 3, 5774

Can someone who really wants to eat beans and rice become Sephardic for the duration of Passover? Miriam's Advice Well provides some perspective.

I recently went to a "fleyshik potluck" — that is, people were asked to bring things that could be eaten with a meat meal. I'm used to vegetarian/dairy potlucks, and I was concerned from the beginning whether this meal would allow me to adhere to my own level of kashrut observance. When I got there, I saw that one of the guests had brought a kugel that was clearly dairy. The hosts put it out on the buffet along with the rest of the food. The whole thing made me really uncomfortable, but I also understand that the host was in a difficult situation. What should they have done? What should I have done?

Dear Miriam,

There are so many potlucks in Philadelphia, and I'm worried about gaining weight as a result. What are some strategies for eating at potluck meals without outgrowing all my Shabbat clothes?

Potluck Pounds

Dear Pounds,...

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