Friday, August 1, 2014 Av 5, 5774

Melissa Jacobs

Contributing Editor of Inside Magazine
Marc Erlbaum In 2000, 30-year-old Marc Erlbaum stood in a BJ’s Wholesale Club and wondered what to buy. In the parking lot, a U-Haul truck waited for Erlbaum to fill it with food. “My plan,” Erlbaum says, “was to spend $50 on each family and deliver the food directly to their houses.” By working with Rabbi Menachem Schmidt of Chabad...
An overview for the Exponent's 125th anniversary
Philadelphia’s cultural canvas bears the distinct imprint of the Jews who have been creators, producers and patrons of the arts. Music, theater, food, literature, paintings, radio, television, newspapers: Philadelphia’s Jews have been leaders in the creation and cultivation of every sphere. The Jewish influence is heard in the orchestrations of Eugene Ormandy and the klezmer trumpeting of Susan Watts. It’s read...
A local theater group's production of the Holocaust-themed play I Never Saw Another Butterfly is having unintended consequences for some of the children in its cast. Written by Celeste Raspanti, Butterfly is based on the book compiled by Raja Engländerová, who survived Terezín, the Czechoslovakian concentration camp also known by its German name, Theresienstadt. More than 15,000 children passed through...
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Melissa Jacobs, Jewish Exponent Feature
Fear is one of the most striking elements in The Diary Of Anne Frank. It controlled the lives of the eight people who hid in that famous Amsterdam attic. Would someone hear them? Would someone turn them in to the Nazis? Of course, someone eventually did. But who? The identity of the informant has never been revealed, though several theories...
Why do we celebrate Elijah at Passover?
At seders around the world, millions of cups of wine are poured in honor of one man: Elijah. Why is Elijah the Prophet part of the seder when he lived centuries after the Exodus?


Melissa Jacobs landed her first Jewish Exponent byline in 2000 – and her family kvelled. Born in Philadelphia and raised in South Jersey, Jacobs helps edit Inside magazine and various special sections. She also frequently contributes articles to the Exponent and its publications. Her work explores Jewish rituals and holidays, lifecycle events, Holocaust education, parenting issues and teens.


A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Jacobs is the author of two novels, both published by HarperCollins.



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