Friday, December 9, 2016 Kislev 9, 5777

Israel Bonds

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Philadelphia, PA 19102

Israel bonds are securities issued by the government of Israel. Israel Bonds is also the more familiar name of the Development Corporation for Israel (DCI)-a FINRA member broker/dealer, the underwriter for the bonds.

Securities offered by the Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds can help achieve numerous investment goals, including preservation of capital, retirement planning, charitable giving and portfolio diversification.
Israel bonds are investments with an unblemished record of dependability. Israel has never defaulted on payment of principal, maturity amount or interest on any of its internal or external indebtedness.  

Israel bonds can be found in the portfolios of an impressive array of investors, including state and municipal governments, national and local unions, universities, foundations, corporations, and financial institutions. Worldwide Israel bond sales to date are over $34 billion.

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