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Mom, Reluctant Mediator

Thursday, January 16, 2014
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Which one of these is Ezra's? It's up for a very noisy debate.

One of my least favorite mom jobs is mediator. Why? Here's a sample of the arguments I've had to mediate over the last few days:

·      How much money my boys each have in their iTunes accounts. Maxon believed Ezra was lying.

·      Maxon hated Ezra's outfit (a plaid button-down shirt worn over an Eagles Jersey and white long-sleeve thermal with black track pants).

·      Which heating vent they get to sit on when it's cold in the house.

·      Maxon read the cover of Ezra's notebook and Ezra didn't want him to.

·      How long it took Ezra to run to the corner and back. Maxon says 24 seconds. Ezra says 17.

·      Whether or not Maxon liked Dora the Explorer when he was little.

·      How many pieces of gum Ezra has in his mouth.

·      Who gets the last piece of Bubble Yum.

·      Whether or not Ezra spat out the last piece of Bubble Yum that I split in half for them.

·      Who gets to be Obi Wan Kenobi in Lego Star Wars Wii.

·      Whether or not Ezra really read the book he says he read.

·       Who controls the heat in the backseat. Maxon wants it on 90. Ezra wants it on 79.

·      Who gets the helmet for the Lego Boba Fett minifigure. 

·      Which of the two identical stuffed manta rays is Maxon's.

·      Which of the 250 long ignored Pokemon cards that Ezra found and began sorting belong to Maxon. 

While these may seem like innocuous issues, within a matter of seconds these conflicts escalate into arm twisting, face scratching, name-calling, Pokemon card throwing, Wii remote tossing smackdowns. I know that part of my role as a mom is to help teach my sons how to resolve fights on their own. I must not be very good at it. Despite my desire to not get involved, I realize that I intervene during every single one of their fights. 

The question I have to ask myself is this: What would happen if I didn't step in at all?

Now I am dying to find out. I am pretty confident I will get the chance within a matter of minutes. 

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