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Anna Lappe’s New Project: Food MythBusters

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
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A screenshot of Lappe's new project, "Food Mythbusters."

Did you know that small farmers grow 70 percent of the world’s food?

This statistic from the Real Food Media Project forms the foundation of eco-author Anna Lappe's argument that there's no need to be dependent on industrial agriculture to feed the world. Rather, she says, a network of small-scale, independent farms using sustainable practices can be the solution.

Food superhero Lappe has taken a break from writing books to challenge industrial agriculture in a new webisode series called “Food Mythbusters.”

She spoke about the project at the second “official” screening of her  first video, "Hunger & Food Security: Do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world?" at Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural
Sciences  on Sunday, October 21st. Along with the Academy, local food organizations Farm-to-City and Common Market co-hosted the event.

I was drawn to the event because a few years ago I heard Anna's mom, Francis Moore Lappe, author of Diet for a Small Planet (1971) and widely admired food justice activist, give the keynote speech at a natural products expo. I was hoping Anna had the same charisma, intellect and entrancing energy as her mother. And, for the most part, she did!

The six and a half minute film combined Lappe’s narration with high quality animation to explain the differences between the operations of sustainable farms and factory farms.

See it for yourself on the site and let me know what you think. I hope you'll be inspired to get involved and spread the word. At the very least, you'll learn a little more about sustainable agriculture.

In addition to Lappe, Farm-to-City and Common Market spoke about their programs and new additions to their organizations. In the next few months, be on the lookout for the "Delaware Valley Grown" label on produce in your supermarket. This consumer marketing tool will let you know which food is grown locally and sustainably.

In support of local farms,

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