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Moishe House Philadelphia
Moishe House
Philadelphia, PA
Moishe House Philadelphia is the place to be for Jewish 20-somethings and their friends. We host a minimum of seven events each month that range from in-house potlucks and shows to humongous parties at local venues to cultural happenings and

Wine Swap

February 16, 2013 9:00 PM

Like wine? Got a competitive side you'd like to show? Looking for a way to get tipsy, but stay classy? Then join us for our 6th annual Wine Swap!

The way it works is, everyone brings two of the same $15-or-under bottle of wine (e.g., two bottles of x brand cabernet sauvignon at $12.99 a piece). We'll take one bottle and set it aside, and take the other bottle and put it in a paper bag and put a number on it. Then there'll be a regular wine tasting, with cheese and chocolate and little snacks (not dinner) provided. Then the fun starts!

Each person votes on his/her favorite wine (by number) and the top 3 winners each take home a portion of the additional bottles of wine (e.g. if there are 20 bottles, 1st place takes home 12, 2nd takes home 5, and 3rd takes home 3) and we all have a great time!

This event fills up fast, so if you would like to get in on the competition RSVP by Wednesday, February 13th!

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