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Marya Camilleri, MA, Art Therapy Community Partnership Coordinator at MossRehab/Einstein Healthcare Network, takes readers inside Moss Rehab's award-winning art therapy program.


Healthy Eating Advice for Parents & Kids with Theresa Shank, Registered Dietitian, Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

A healthy day starts with a healthy breakfast. 

“No matter how old the kid, or adult, everyone needs to eat breakfast,” says Theresa Shank, a registered dietitian with Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. “Young kids may be used to having relaxed schedules during the summer. But parents should do their best to get the kids up in time to have breakfast, even a quick one. One good option is oatmeal. Use the unflavored...


Dr. Daniel Canter of Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia discusses symptoms and treatments that all men need to know.

Expert Advice for a Healthy Life

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