Sunday, December 4, 2016 Kislev 4, 5777
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Raymond S. Kauffman of Warminster, PA (formerly Philadelphia),  passed away on  January 8, 2014.     A graduate of the Temple University School of Pharmacy, Ray was the long-time owner of Green Drugs  on South Street, a founding member of the South Street Head House District, and the first person to be elected to the South Street Hall of Fame. He is survived by his wife, Iris Kauffman; his sons, Louis and Jeffrey Kauffman; his brother, Earl (Marion) Kauffman; Iris' children, Michael (Beth) Serdikoff, Allen (Heather) Serdikoff, and Scott (Sherry) Serdikoff; and his grandchildren, Mollie (Michael) Shapiro, and Jessica, John, and Jaymin Serdikoff. He is also survived by his first wife, Roberta Ellen Kauffman. “When a blanket of snow hugs the earth, colors fade to a palate of black, white, and grey, and all is quiet. But there's an inexplicable sense of peace that settles in amidst the somber grey-scale. That's what the world is like without Ray  - a little less bright, a little less loud, a little…less.” May we all keep smiling in his memory.

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