Monday, January 26, 2015 Shevat 6, 5775
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Rafael (Rafi) Alexander Josselson

Benay and Steven Josselson of Jersey City, N.J., announce the birth of their son, Rafael (Rafi) Alexander (Rachmiel Azriel), on June 6.

Sharing in their joy are his grandparents Nana Gail and Pop Alan Josselson, and Safta Maya and Grandpa Howard Richman; along with his paternal great-grandparents Mom-Mom Jackie and Pop-Pop Sol Hirshberg, and Grandmom Roz, all of Cherry Hill, N.J. Also celebrating are maternal great-grandparents Baba Faye and Zeyde Abe Richman of New York, and Zeyde David Galperin of Florida.

Joining in welcoming the baby are Aunt Meredith and Uncle Marc, Uncle Geoff, Aunt Orlee and Uncle Matt and Aunt Arielle, along with cousins Taylor Grace and Micah Jay.

Rafi is named in loving memory of his paternal great-grandfather Robert Josselson (Rachmiel); his maternal great-grandmother Raya Galperin (Risa); and his maternal great-uncle Alexander (Azriel).

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