Thursday, January 29, 2015 Shevat 9, 5775

Rabbi Richard Hirsh wonders if Jewish texts and teachings ever lead us to a position different from those we already hold, and Rabbi Jill Maderer responds, looking to Pirke Avot to help us find a way to broaden and challenge our thinking. 

Rabbi Kevin Bernstein explores why rabbis have been slow to understand that synagogues are no longer the defining institution for American Jews, and Rabbi David Glanzberg-Krainin suggests ways rabbis and synagogues need to reinvent themselves for the 21st century.


We should resist reading ourselves into the historic image of Jews and blacks marching together for civil rights and instead focus on the major work left to be done, urges Rabbi Seth Goren. Rabbi Joel Seltzer agrees, quoting Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel from his first encouter with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.


Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein urges the community to incorporate Yiddish culture into more programming, and Rabbi Eric Yanoff responds, saying he was surprised — and thrilled — to see that interest in Yiddish transcends the generations.  

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