Thursday, July 24, 2014 Tammuz 26, 5774

Don't Forget Volunteers Who Fought for Israel! Concerning Jonathan Tobin's column about a new film on Israel's War of Independence that includes fictional Americans fighting for the Jewish state (A Matter of Opinion: "Film Bombs in 'Jerusalem,' " Oct. 25), I'm a Machal veteran, one of the real American volunteers. I fought from Feb. 2, 1948, until July 20, 1949,...
The Andrea and Charles Bronfman Foundation recently caused a stir by announcing that it would award a teaching job at Brandeis University -- as well as a generous salary -- for the person who comes up with the next "big idea" to transform the way the Jewish community thinks about itself. Given the popularity and success of some other recent...
Who cares about a South African cleric's false charges? Maybe we all should!
Later this month, representatives of Israel's government are slated to attend a new peace summit at Annapolis, Md., sponsored by the Bush administration. Desperate not to be seen as obstructing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's goal of creating a Palestinian state before her boss's term expires in January 2009, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has enthusiastically endorsed the conference. Given the...
What the media is saying about Judaism and Israel
Activist Sarah N. Stern writes in The New Republic ( ) on Oct. 25 about the upcoming peace summit in Annapolis, Md.: "On July 25, 2000, I was in attendance at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy when Israeli Attorney General Eli Rubinstein had come to address the group. He had just returned from Camp David, Maryland, where...
Mara Sokolsky, JE Feature
It's early evening, and I'm taking a walk with a newly minted college graduate. With a daughter the same age, we seem to know plenty of young people who've just been sprung, B.A.s in hand, out into the wide world. My companion walks purposefully beside me, finally getting to the question that is at the heart of our stroll. "So,"...

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