Saturday, July 30, 2016 Tammuz 24, 5776

Edgar M. Bronfman
Just as the Supreme Court has shown moral bravery in its recognition of gay marriage, the Jewish community should follow its example in our myriad communities.
Last week’s groundbreaking rulings on same-sex marriage show just how far our country has come in recognizing the rights of gay and lesbian individuals. It also shows how much more needs to be done.
One letter points out that Jewish and Latino leaders are unified over public education while another writer chastizes thoe who shun BDS supporters.
So close yet so far. That about sums up the current state of comprehensive immigration reform in this country. With the U.S. Senate poised to pass far-reaching legislation, the U.S. House of Representatives appears ready to quash it even before debate has begun.
One reader states that Israel bashing is the cruel reality on the majority of American college campuses these days while another takes a letter writer to task for his offensive argument.