Friday, December 26, 2014 Tevet 4, 5775

Even as government officials in Washington work to walk back from the brink of the “fiscal cliff,” another cliff is looming in the Middle East that Washington cannot afford to ignore.
Charles H. Ramsey
The Law Enforcement and Society program, now in its 14th year at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., has trained more than 80,000 people, from police officers to FBI agents to judges.
Adelson wasted his money on the Republicans, a reader insists, while another calls the big donor a modern hero.
After the Storm, Part 1 Superstorm Sandy swept out of the region as quickly as it descended last week, but the destruction and despair left in its wake are still reverberating. The Philadelphia region was relatively lucky. For most of us, downed trees, closed schools, water-filled basements and prolonged power outages proved inconvenient and often uncomfortable — but not devastating...
A letter writer insists that the children of interfaith marriages feel completely Jewish while another provides clues for why so many young Jews leave the religion behind.