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Moishe House Philadelphia
Moishe House Philly
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Moishe House Philadelphia is the place to be for Jewish 20-somethings and their friends. We host a minimum of seven events each month that range from in-house potlucks and shows to humongous parties at local venues to cultural happenings and

Moishe House ARTS SALON

May 24, 2013 7:00 PM

Moishe House Arts Salon in May features Blown Away, Dupond Dupont, Sasha Aleiner, and more! Come for live music, art installations, home-made desserts, and more!

Participating Artists include but are not limited to:

Blown Away  

What do you get when you combine the melodic harmony of singing and guitar with the rhythmic mark making of projected drawing? An aural-visual spectacle, of course! A symphony of music and pictures that will transport you to a colorful dimension of whimsy and wonderment, leaving you BLOWN AWAY!


Dupond Dupont

It's soft and loud and dark and bright and too much information. But it's a banjo and a pretty voice too.
"Melody and disillusionment mesh seamlessly... Wanderlust drives Wiesner, and, above all, her music reflects this. It's a melancholy without being self-pitying, and contemplative without being preachy."
-Jennifer Johnson, Arts and Entertainment Editor (The Round Table)

"Innocence and disappointment are themes Dupont Dupond harnesses and attacks with banjos, guitars, piano, and that clear, strong, youthful voice. Live, the songs are delivered with a theatricality that does justice to their themes. This isn't artifice--stories from the head of a young aspiring troubadour. This is a life, presented in music. Some of it's profound, some of it strange, and some of it mean." -Tyler Leeds


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