Thursday, November 26, 2015 Kislev 14, 5776

Dear Mommy,

When someone compliments my brother and doesn't compliment me, I feel angry. 

Four Year Old Feelings

Dear Readers,

On a recent outing, several strangers stopped to say how adorable my two year old son is (very). Each time, my four year daughter (also very adorable) looked a bit more despondent until she said, word for word, the above comment to me. She doesn't totally understand what it means that I write an advice column, but she does know that I'm always looking for questions, and she asked if this could be something I wrote about....

Miriam advises a Las Vegas woman who says that her man feels that if she does not have papers, nobody will accept her as his Jewish wife.


Dear Miriam, I am a single mom with no college education. I was raised to be a stay at home housewife but I was abandoned by my fiance.


Dear Miriam, Help! What do I do with my friends who are engaging in the dreaded "mommy wars?"

Need Some Advice?