Wednesday, August 20, 2014 Av 24, 5774

Dear Miriam,

I'm a college junior totally stressing right now in the middle of finals. Most of my friends aren't stressed out because they're turning in papers they already wrote for other classes or sharing papers with each other so they each only have to do some of the work. Some people are just copying (or buying) papers from online. This happens all the time, and I don't know anyone who's gotten caught, so I'm really tempted to take the easy option this time. What counts as plagiarism?

Playing with Plagiarism

Dear Playing,

All of...


Dear Readers,

We are currently (until sundown tonight) in the part of Passover called chol ha-moed, or the intermediate days. Even though work is permitted on chol ha-moed, it should be done a little bit differently so that it still feels like a holiday. In that spirit, today's column will be a little bit different as well.

The Omer is the seven weeks in between Passover and Shavuot, ostensibly the time that the Jews wandered in the desert before receiving the Torah. The Omer starts on the second night of Passover, so tonight will mark the sixth night. Some people set...


Dear Miriam,

I have a coworker who spends all day humming and sometimes singing to herself, and looking up music videos online. It is often distracting to the point where I need to get up and work somewhere else for a while. Should I say something to her? Does it make a difference that she is singing hymns and religious songs about Jesus, and looking up performances of similar songs? Does it make a difference that she's the most senior member of our team both in terms of age and experience or that she was the one who trained me?  As the only Jew in my workplace, and because of...

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