Thursday, August 21, 2014 Av 25, 5774

Dear Miriam,

How do I let my partner know that he is giving gifts that HE wants, rather than things I want, especially when the gifts are given with much enthusiasm and love?

Whose gift is it anyway?


Dear Readers,

In honor of my birthday (today!), the one-year anniversary of starting Miriam's Advice Well and my second pregnancy, I thought I'd share my thoughts about how to talk to pregnant women. If you're also pregnant, a close personal friend, or my parents, feel free to sit back smugly and appreciate how much more sensitive you are than the strangers, barely-acqaintances and bus riders I'm about to lambast.


Right now a lot of changes are happening with myself and my close friends — getting married, buying homes, having babies. Since we're all on about same timeline, I guess it's inevitable that some people feel the need to act competitive around these changes. Personally, I find this exhausting. What a waste of time and energy. Do I approach the offending friends? How do I make sure that we don't poison our friendships with this petty nonsense?

Need Some Advice?

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