Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Nisan 16, 5774

Dear Miriam,

I'm looking for a place for my son's upcoming Bar Mitzvah, but venues for a party sure are expensive!  Do you have any ideas how to find a reasonably priced but still great location?  

Price Bar-rier


As I've been known to do on other holidays, I'm taking a break from your questions to provide general advice about things that might be on your mind as you sit around the Thanksgiving table. I like alliteration, and I like categories, so we're going to focus on family, food and not freaking out.


Dear Miriam,

My sister is really pretty and a great person, but I think she dresses terribly. She works in a lab, which is her excuse, and she's a student, so she doesn't have a lot of money to buy new clothes. I want to nominate her for the television show "What Not To Wear," but I'm afraid she'll be really insulted. How can I nominate her so she sees it's for her own good and not just to embarrass her?

How Not To Nominate

Dear Not,...

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