Friday, August 22, 2014 Av 26, 5774
Dear Miriam, Another Miriam, writing in Slate’s column, “You’re Doing it Wrong: Charoset,” says that the Hillel sandwich (korech) during the seder is matzah, maror, and charoset. In my family, we always just put horseradish and matzah together. Who’s doing it wrong? Signed, Konfused by Korech

Dear Miriam,

I met a great guy online, and we recently went on our first date. His profile didn't specify his religion or profession, so I asked him about that early on in the date. Turns out, he's studying to be Christian clergy. We still had a good time, but I want to have a Jewish home, and I feel like his career path is a deal breaker. Also, don't you think he should have been upfront about this in his profile? He's willing to give "us" a shot, but I'm not sure that I am. In case it matters, I'm not planning to have kids regardless of who I end up with.



Dear Miriam,

I'm a female Ph.D. student in chemistry.  The boy I like is a dance student, which is a totally different thing.  I always figured I'd meet someone in my field.  A masters in chemistry is as good as a Ph.D. for getting a job.  Is there any point in my finishing my program, or should I just fall into a life with this boy and see where things go?

Chemistry, not chemistry

Dear Chemistry,

I think you might be getting ahead of yourself. You say you like this boy, but not that he likes you back or that you're dating....

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