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You never really know what Heeb magazine is going to do next, but you do know one thing -- there will definitely be something outrageous about the concept. Take the last few issues, for example. The fall 2007 number was dubbed the "Chosen Issue" and announced the launch of, a new Web site that was conceived as "an online gallery of 100 of the most fascinating young Jews you need to know about ... ."

These nearly famous types were "bloggers and newspaper publishers, comic artists and novelists, chefs and fashion designers." Their pictures and résumés were also plastered throughout the pages of the print version.

The issue also highlighted articles on Superbad "potty-mouth" Jonah Hill, "freak-folk songstress" Marissa Nadler and "the most definitive portrait of Joan Rivers ever written." In addition, there were articles on a "a grown man who gets circumcised and a 31-year-old Ph.D. candidate in neuroscience named Mayim Bialik."

The next time out, Heeb published the "Kids Issue," which looked at "The Double Life of Bob Saget," who, once he got beyond his TV hit "Full House" went on to develop his own brand of "potty mouth."

The magazine also considered the future of Jewish life; analyzed the messages in the works of Judy Blume, the fabulously popular writer of young-adult fiction; and printed a "photo essay" about all those blissful summers spent at "Camp Heebaquonk."

With its newest edition, Heeb continues its themed assault on Jewish American life via its "Goy Issue," which has on its cover Cheryl Hines, Larry David's sweet shiksa wife from TV's "Curb Your Enthusiasm." The headline on the cover says she's "hot & bothered."

Two other notable items in the magazine are "The Secret Life of Shabbos Goys" and a new comic strip by artist Evan Dorkin called "Hijinks," which offers its own recipe on "How to Cook a Gentile."

The article on Hines contains some splendid tidbits for those obsessed with this most Jewishly specific comedy since "Seinfeld."

The writer, Malina Saval, states that "in the original HBO one-hour 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' special, Larry David's wife was supposed to be Jewish. 'On the first day we were shooting the actual series,' says actress Cheryl Hines, 'Larry turned to me and said, "You know, I don't know if anybody is going to believe that you're Jewish." 'Well,' I said, 'do I have to be?'

"And so Cheryl David the TV shiksa was born."

Saval writes that, to the show's credit, her ethnicity "has never been manipulated to explore anxieties about class and race. The fictitious David marriage (separation at the time of writing) may be fraught, but that tension isn't attributed to cultural differences as it might have been in decades past. The relationship is fraught simply because Larry is an a- - - - - -."

Ah, those many fine moments in Heeb.

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