Idit Romirowsky and Jordan Kendall announce their engagement.

    Idit is the daughter of Dr. Samuel Romirowsky and Rabbi Ellen Bernhardt, both of Wilmington, Del. Her stepfather is Dr. Steven Bernhardt. A graduate of the University of Maryland Honors program with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, Idit earned a master's degree in organizational psychology from Columbia University, and works for Deloitte in the area of Partner Leadership Development and Executive Coaching.

    Jordan is the son of Naomi Strobach of Toronto; and Gerry Kendall of Gatlinburg, Tenn. His step-parents are Isaac Raichyk and Jacquelyn Kendall.

    After making aliyah and serving in the Israeli army for 21/2 years in the tanks unit, Jordan graduated with high distinction from the University of Toronto, where he studied commerce and economics. He completed work toward a master's degree in policy, IP Networks, Advanced Data Communications, at Syracuse University. Jordan is the global director of client development for Deloitte, where the couple met.

    Idit is the granddaughter of Rabbi J. Harold and Blanche Romirowsky, and the late Herman and Rosalyn Gordon. Jordan is the grandson of the late Ruth and Isidor Strobach, and Beatrice Kendall and the late John Kendall.

    The couple is planning a May wedding in Philadelphia.