Michael Samuel Chotiner and Ella Meredyth Hoffman


    Lauryn Madison Chotiner announces the birth of her brother, Michael Samuel (Yitzhak), on Dec. 28; and her first cousin, Ella Meredyth Hoffman (Chenya), born on Jan. 21.

    Michael's parents are Robyn (nee Richmond) and Rickey Chotiner of Harrisburg.

    Sharing in their happiness are Grandma Inez and Grandpa Bennett Chotiner; Bubbie Gerri and Zeyda Allen Richmond; and great-grandparents Dr. and Mrs. Edward Gershkow, Mrs. Rose Richmond and Mrs. Evelyn Chotiner.

    Joining in welcoming the baby are Aunt Melissa, Uncle Kenney, Uncle Philip, Aunt Joy and Uncle Ryan.

    Michael Samuel is named in loving memory of his great-grandfathers Moshe Chotiner and Irving Richmond; and his great-aunt Sylvia Fisher.

    Ella's parents are Joy (nee Richmond) and Ryan Hoffman of Chicago, formerly of Philadelphia.

    Joining in welcoming the baby are Bubbie and Zeyda Richmond, Nana Merle Berman and Poppy Edward Hoffman; great-grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Charles Berman, Dr. and Mrs. Edward Gershkow, and Mrs. Rose Richmond; along with Aunt Robyn, Uncle Rickey and Uncle Philip.

    Ella Meredyth is named in loving memory of her great-aunt Constance Berman; and her paternal great-grandparents Matilda and Manny Hoffman.