Hyman, Talya Chasya


    Devorah Malka, Orly Bracha and Yoseph Simcha announce the birth of their sister, Talya Chasya, on Aug. 18, in Toronto.

    Their parents are Sara (nee Don) and Avigdor Hyman.

    Included in the Toronto family welcoming the baby are grandparents Sharron Hyman, Lori and Stan Hyman, along with great-grandmother Bubby Esther Babbin and Uncle Steven Hyman.

    Sharing in their joy are Aunt Sarah and Uncle Michael Leib Don, with son and first cousin Naftali Abraham Don of Baltimore.

    The Philadelphia mashpucha include grandparents Mona and Harold Don; great-grandparents Bubby Miryom and Pop-Pop Moish Gordon; as well as Great Aunt Connie and Uncle Ted Berkowitz.

    Joining in the celebration are Great-Aunt Ella Singer and Great-Uncle Ronald Singer of Myrtle Beach, S.C.

    Talya Chasya is named in loving memory of her great-grandmother Helen Hyman.