Michelle Beth Goodman and Samuel John Stanford of Lower Merion are announcing their engagement and plans for a September wedding.!

    Michelle and Sam met on a basketball court at Welsh Valley Middle School, at 'Teen Night.' He already knew who she was; she had never seen him before. They didn't have their first kiss until they were in college, but it wasn't for lack of trying. Michelle may have known something back then, as she is (among a million other things) perceptive, and Sam is most decidedly not. But not long after she definitely knew something.

    At no small risk to his well-being, and pledging complete source confidentiality, this author would like to share a few items from the Bride-to-Be's diary two years after that night on the basketball court. "I am going to marry Sam." That little chestnut sticks out like a sore thumb. This definitely would have been news to Sam. Probably less prescient, but much funnier, is a meticulously planned chart of boy and girl baby names that Sam and Michelle had chosen, undoubtedly on a very long and interesting teenage telephone call.

    How do we know that Sam had a hand in this? Michelle is far too pragmatic to name a boy Prometheus, and Sam had never seen a movie or Simpson's episode with a character named Maya. Oh, and the date perfectly corresponds with when Sam was studying ancient Greece in Western Civ.! Clearly a very cool guy. How cool? Despite having a crush on Michelle, spending hours on the phone with her naming their future son Prometheus (without her hanging up) he couldn't get his first kiss from her until college.

    As stated, Michelle is perceptive, and Sam is not. Put that with those diary entries and you have to think she knew something. I'm not saying that she sprung a trap all those years ago, just waiting for Sam to amble distractedly through it, (that would be the only way; if Sam knew a trap existed he would have thrown himself in it) I'm just saying, discussion is a healthy thing, right?

    But it is completely remarkable, beautiful and heartrending, that that phrase, "I am going to Marry Sam" exists on paper, in ink, that was put there more than a decade ago and now will miraculously be made real in a few short weeks. Now that this little teenage fancy is coming true however, for everyone's sake, Prometheus must be out of the question.