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Living with Integrity Lesson 1: Privacy

January 28, 2013 7:30 PM

George Orwell’s disturbing vision of a society under total surveillance is

not entirely distant from modern reality. But the means for full invasion

of privacy lie in the hands not of a Big Brother government, but of the millions

of ordinary citizens. Computers track every stroke; a “forward” option beckons

roguishly in each e-mail; high-res cameras peek from each pocket with highspeed

connections eager to dispatch.

Judaism reminds us that human dignity is sacred. A vital element of human dignity

is respect for the privacy of others. Deep within ourselves, we all recognize

this, which is why we are so offended by a government that breathes down the

backs of its citizens and conducts an excess of monitoring.

But how are we to act when we require information—perhaps to protect human

rights or dignity—but recognize that obtaining it conflicts with the same? Does

an employer have a right to read employee e-mails sent during work hours?

Should a mother share private information about her teenage daughter with a

neighbor in the hopes of getting her help? May I share information about a third

party that is indispensable for my friend’s life choices?

This course is eligable for 9 CLE credits (7 1/2 ethics)

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