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Kreplach's a Keeper at Purim

February 13, 2013
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Traditionally served on Purim, kreplach are small squares of rolled pasta dough filled with ground beef or chicken and folded into triangles. They can be boiled and served in soup or fried and served as a side dish.

Here’s a basic kreplach re­cipe that can be varied and made fancier in any way you wish.
Basic Kreplach
Dough Ingredients:
1 and 3⁄4 cups flour
2 eggs
1⁄2 tsp. salt
2 Tbsps. oil
Filling Ingredients:
1 cup ground cooked beef or chicken
1 small onion, grated
1 tsp. salt
To Prepare Dough: In a large bowl, combine dough ingredients together. Knead and roll out thin on floured board. Cut into 3-inch squares or circles.
To Prepare Filling: Mix filling ingredients well in a small bowl.
To Make Kreplach: On a floured board roll dough out as thin as possible without tearing.
Cut rolled out dough into 3-inch squares. Place a teaspoon of filling carefully in center.
Bring opposite corners together and seal edges. Moisten edges with tip of finger dipped in cold water to keep seams closed.
Kreplach can now be either boiled and served in soup or sauteed in oil.
To boil, place the kreplachs in boiling salted water. Cook approximately 20 minutes until kreplach float to top.
To saute, heat oil over medium flame in 10-inch skillet. Saute boiled kreplach until golden brown on both sides.
Makes 18 kreplach.
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