Tri-State JPRO


    Tri-State JPRO brings together past, current and aspiring professionals engaged in Jewish communal work within the Tri-State area (Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Southern New Jersey.) 

    The purpose of Tri-State JPRO  is to provide professional development and networking opportunities for Jewish communal professionals throughout Greater Philadelphia, Delaware and South Jersey. Programs cover a range of topics to meet the diverse needs of Jewish communal professionals in agencies, organizations, and synagogues, all through a Jewish lens. It promotes success in the workplace and provides professionals in the Jewish community with the skills and knowledge needed to advance their careers.

    Tri-State JPRO offers an opportunity for you to address your professional development needs. Let us know of topics or workshops that would be useful for professional growth for future sessions.  If you have questions or concerns about Tri State JPRO, please contact us.
    Tri-State JPRO brings together Jewish communal professionals from Philly, Delaware, and Southern New Jersey in a spirit of camaraderie, education, and towards a goal of communal excellence.