Politz Day School of Cherry Hill

    The Politz Day School of Cherry Hill is a ModernOrthodox Day School founded in 1968. We are the premier Orthodox Jewish Day School in the Southern New Jersey area.  Our school serves students of diverse backgrounds who come from across Southern New Jersey, Delaware, andPhiladelphia and its suburbs. Politz provides every Jewish child, from Preschool through Eighth Grade, with the opportunity to learn and thrive in an environment that integrates the richness of our Jewish religion and heritage with excellence in both Judaic and General Studies. The School’s Modern Orthodox philosophy seeks to synthesize traditional halachic Judaism with contemporary society.

    The Politz academic curriculum has been designed to provide a superior General Studies education, utilizing subject specialists in many areas. The Judaic Studies program incorporates a values-based curriculum, traditional text studies, and the study of Modern Hebrew Language. Many additional learning experiences are provided through specialty classes, creative programming, leadership development activities, clubs, trips and guest speakers. Our graduates possess the requisite skills and knowledge base to become future leaders, while holding fast to deep connections to their Jewish cultural, religious and historical roots.

    With outstanding school leadership and faculty, as well as a Board of Trustees committed to excellence in all areas, Politz has become one of the fastest growing schools in the region. In fact, it was one of the first four Jewish day schools nationally to be chosen as a “national model school” by the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education. But our greatest measure of success lies in our students, who develop a lifelong love of learning. With support and encouragement from our staff, every Politz student is able to strive to reach his or her individual potential.