Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival


    Under the auspices of The Gershman Y, the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival (PJFF)seeks to entertain, educate, and engage the Philadelphia cultural community by presenting films and programs that illuminate and explore Jewish values, culture, and history. Now embarking on its 32nd season, the critically acclaimed Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival is the second longest running series of its kind in the United States and Philadelphia’s first film festival. The PJFF serves the Greater Philadelphia region by highlighting the diversity of the Jewish experience through independent feature films, documentaries, and shorts from around the globe.

    The Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival has grown to encompass a two-week Fall Festival, taking place November 3rd through November 18th, 2013 at various venues throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, a five-week Documentaries and Dialogue Series in the winter, and New Filmmakers Weekend, a program dedicated to recognizing the achievements of new and emerging filmmakers in the spring.

    Exploring such important topics as contemporary Jewish life, Jewish heritage and identity, Jewish diaspora and assimilation, inter-faith marriage, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, terrorism, human rights, and post-Holocaust memories, our two-week Fall Festival (FF) offers film enthusiasts the opportunity to see the best of worldwide Jewish Independent Cinema.

    One of PJFF’s most successful and anticipated programs is Documentaries and Dialogue (D &D). D & D's mission is to present high-quality, compelling, and thought-provoking films that encourage honest and pluralistic discourse across borders, religions, and political affiliations. To accomplish this, the PJFF presents premiere documentary films each Monday night for five weeks, followed by an audience discussion led by the film’s director or an expert on the film’s content and themes. In a welcoming and inclusive environment, audience members engage the speaker and each other in dialogue that explores ideas and issues raised within the film. Audience members look forward to a fun and challenging discussion, eager to share and respond to unique viewpoints and perspectives.

    PJFF’s annual spring fundraiser, the New Filmmakers Weekend (NFW), will celebrate its 16th season April 20 and 21, 2013 at The Gershman Y. Three first-time feature film directors (one local, one national, and one international) will be honored with Awards of Excellence in Filmmaking. As the award-winning films are often very nuanced and personal, audiences enjoy the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the filmmakers and participate in post-film interviews and discussions.

    Philadelphia’s vibrant film scene contributes to the cultural atmosphere of a city already known for its tremendous music, theater, and art offerings. The Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival is honored to serve the Philadelphia cultural community and invites you to be a part of the action!