Welcome to the first online homeland for the Jewish people!

    Jspace is the fastest-growing Jewish online portal. Being a global minority, Jews share an unspoken bond, a commonality and understanding that keeps us unified.

    Therefore, we created Jspace.com, a place where Jews from all over the world can connect on one platform easily and 100% free.

    We’ve built a content-based site that has everything from Jewish dating and travel articles to Jewish news from around the world.

    Users have the means to meet Jews locally and abroad through our travel guide and social networking services.

    We have collaborated to find the best resources for everything and anything you want to know that’s Jewish!

    We provide information about:

    • Great restaurants both Kosher and Non-Kosher (we don’t discriminate) and where to find them

    • Jewish events in different cities

    • Where to Eat, what to Do, where to Stay, where to Go Out, where to Pray and what to See in our Jspace Guide

    • How to meet nice Jewish boys and girls with articles on how to create your dating profiles to get the best responses

    • Judaism, in a way that’s both profound and accessible

    • News about Jews, from Middle East politics to celebrity gossip (she’s Jewish?!)