Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Philadelphia


    The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia serves the needs of the Jewish community, both local and overseas, through community relations, government affairs, social action and advocacy.  In pursuit of these goals, and consistent with Jewish teachings and ethics, we are dedicated to improving inter-group understanding and the enhancement of a just and pluralistic society.

    As a voice of the local Jewish community, JCRC nurtures and advocates for a strong connection to the people of Israel and to Jews around the world, and commemorates and sustains the memory and lessons of the Holocaust.

    In its interfaith and inter-group work, JCRC serves as a common table for airing concerns, promoting the peaceful resolution of conflicts and building coalitions among diverse members of the broader community in pursuit of common goals. Among its guiding principles is the belief that sustained efforts to promote understanding and harmony among diverse groups strengthen the Jewish community and society at large.  The pursuit of a democratic, just society, free of prejudice, discrimination, anti-Semitism and racism, fosters conditions in which the American Jewish community is secure and free to flourish.

    JCRC seeks and values multiple perspectives for informed, respectful deliberation and action.

    Established in 1939 as an independent non-profit organization, JCRC merged into the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia in 2003.