Dorshei Derekh, Charry Service and Minyan Masorti at GJC


    GJC is a busy place on Shabbat. We have three adult prayer communities as well as multiple prayer opportunities for children. 

    Each service has its own style and customs and we encourage you to explore them all.

    The Charry Sanctuary service is a traditional and egalitarian service. By traditional, we mean that our service is based on centuries-old prayers and psalms that are integrated with more contemporary readings, in a style grows out of the Conservative movement with which our synagogue is affiliated. By egalitarian, we mean that women and men participate equally in all aspects of the service and that congregants are encouraged to take active roles in the service by leading prayer and reading from the Torah and Haftarah.

    Minyan Dorshei Derekh ("Seekers of a Way") is a dynamic, progressive, inclusive, and warm worshipping community. Our minyan is home to people of many different ages and backgrounds, reflecting the rich diversity of Northwest Philadelphia and beyond. As part of GJC, we are an affiliate of the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism. Dorshei Derekh is also an affiliate of the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation.

    Minyan Masorti tefilot (prayers) consist of an egalitarian version of a traditional service. We're an informal and welcoming group. Davening, singing, learning, eating, drinking, and schmoozing are some of our specialties.