Casual Candids Photography


    Joyce Heisen started Casual Candids Photography many years ago in response to her disappointment in and boredom with traditional celebration photography. She felt that celebration photography should reflect a real celebration- that you should be able to tell a lot about the people and circumstances from the images – not just that people were dressed up and looking good.

    Now we are a collaboration of women photographers who have come together because of our interest in people and beautiful photography. We enjoy what we do, we have done it a long time, we have a terrific reputation, we keep our word, we work hard, and we produce beautiful and heartfelt images.
    Our prices are competitive because we want to work a lot to keep ourselves on top of our game and we don't want to be exclusive. Anyone with a keen interest in beautiful photography can hire us, so we can serve everyone and have many different experiences.
    We are women artists who enjoy being challenged, doing our very best and meeting new people all the time.
    Joyce Heisen
    Casual Canids Photography