Bucks County Free Synagogue


    In the beginning of the twentieth century, after turning down the pulpit of Temple Emmanuel in Manhattan because they wanted to censor his sermons, Rabbi Stephen Wise founded the first free synagogue. It allowed the rabbi and congregation free rein to inquire, explore and create. It was a synagogue that was to be “pewless and dueless”. The Bucks County Free Synagogue begins here, however, like Bucks County itself, it will be special, one-of-a-kind and expansive.

    The Bucks County Free Synagogue is a free-thinker’s synagogue—aligned to the seeking of Truth, God, the Mystery-of-Life, the Holy One, Spirit, Goodness, Harmony, Unity, Oneness, Divine Love, Whateveryoucallit—in all sorts of wonderful, creative, human, socially-conscious, peace-seeking and thought-provoking ways.

    We require no pedigrees or conversions (unless you’d like one). While deeply-rooted in the Hebrew Biblical tradition, our approach is totally-universal, equally-welcoming to Jews, non-Jews, and inter-faith families, with no restrictions.

    We call our approach Universal Judaism, and The Bucks County Free Synagogue is a living experiment in teaching this new perspective (www.universaljudaism.org ).