Monday, December 5, 2016 Kislev 5, 5777

Four Quarters Project

Based in Philly
Philadelphia, PA

The Four Quarters Project’s mission is to develop a group of young leaders, representing the three major faiths of Israel/The Holy Land, who are able to seek out and practice the core values of acceptance and understanding in all aspects of their lives.

Upon completion of a dynamic experience in Israel, and specialized seminars - Four Quarters Scholars are unique among their peers as they are able to:

Articulate greater understanding and appreciation of different perspectives, opinions, and viewpoints concerning complex issues including the political relationship between Israelis and Palestinians.

Explore and discuss the beliefs of the major religions of Israel - - Judaism, Islam and Christianity – and to show acceptance and understanding for all faiths, and perspectives within Israeli society, in the United States and throughout the world.

Appreciate, advocate for, and effectively discuss the challenges and developing roles of ethnic and racial minorities, women, the differently-abled, those of various sexual orientations and indeed anyone who historically has not enjoyed positions of power and authority.

Be able to interact socially and professionally with peers and adults from different backgrounds at any place or time in an effort to seek positive responses to global needs, and to appreciate that religious tolerance, rights for minorities, and equitable conflict resolution are universal ideals not limited to a single place or time.

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