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Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival
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NMAJH: 101 South Independence Mall E
The Gershman Y: 401 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
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Under the auspices of The Gershman Y, the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival (PJFF) seeks to entertain, educate, and engage the Philadelphia cultural community by presenting films and programs that illuminate, explore, and support Jewish values,

Famous Nathan & Sderot: Rock in The Red Zone

November 16, 2014 11:30 AM


11:30 am at the National Museum of American Jewish History

Director: Llyod Handwerker

Genre: Documentary Feature

USA | 2014 | 98 min

Nathan's Famous Frankfurters has been a New York staple for nearly 100 years. For die hard fans, it makes no difference if you are local or from out of town--if you are in New York, you'll eventually get a hankering for one of Nathan's famous franks. In this personal documentary, director Lloyd Handwerker, grandson of "Famous" Nathan, takes a look back at his family's unique history, the Jewish-American immigrant experience, and Nathan's pursuit of The American Dream. Broadening the scope of Nathan's trajectory is a lively cast of charactersÑfrom colorful family members and former employees to Coney Island regulars and celebrity patrons. For lovers of New York history, FAMOUS NATHAN pulls out all the stops.

Special Guest: Lylod Handwerker


3 pm at The Gershman Y

Director: Laura Bialis

Genre: Documentary Feature

Israel | 2013 | 105 min

Languages: English and Hebrew with English subtitles

A small Israeli border town, just one mile from Gaza, is the epicenter of an amazing musical phenomenon.

Home to many of Israel's most popular rock bands, Sderot is celebrated for having bred some of the country's most talented musicians. Told through their eyes, this powerful and eye-opening documentary explores daily life in a place where music has become the primary way to cope with the long-term trauma of constant bombings.
Founded in 1951, Sderot began as a refugee camp/shanty town for Kurdish and Persian Jewish immigrants. Currently home to over 24,000 Mizrahim (communities of the East), Sderot has been the ongoing target of Qassam rocket attacks from Hamas since 2001. While many in Israel refer to Sderot as "The Bomb Shelter Capital of the World," the town's suffering is largely unknown to the international community. Director Laura Bialis, who made the decision to settle in Sderot while shooting her documentary, ROCK IN THE RED ZONE, hopes to not only raise awareness about the precarious situation there, but to also introduce its rich music scene to the world.

Special Event: Skype conversation with Director Laura Bialis

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