Marriage: The Second Time Around

First comes love. Then comes re-marriage. However, somewhere in between, the revitalized lovebirds have to figure out a delicate way to tell their respective...

Senior Moments

Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes are two of the most familiar and feared diseases mainly affecting seniors — and justifiably so, as they are the...

No Sex, Please; I Just Had a Heart Attack

We’ve all heard stories about people who suffered a heart attack while having sex, and some of whom may have died in the act. A...
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Phield of Dreams — and Dreamers

I guess it all started when my dad started taking me to baseball games at Shibe Park when I was about 5 years old....

Social Action Initiatives Preserve Bonds Between Seniors, Furry Friends

  Never underestimate the power of a pet to bring friendship and unconditional love to its owner. Numerous studies have documented the positive impact of...