Potatoes: The Eyes Have It

WHAT'S COOKING? People often think of potatoes as winter food, as the starchy side of a filling, warming meal. But like most people, potatoes have...

From the Morning Minyan Ladies, Recipes Tried and True

THE JEWISH KITCHEN Early Wednesday morning is my special time. At 7:30 a.m., I get into my car and drive the short distance to...

A Kosher Renaissance?

Beyond Citron and Rose, a minor kosher renaissance seems to be brewing around the region. The owners of Max & David's have purchased and...

Upscale Kosher Eatery to Hit the Main Line

One of the community's best-known day school philanthropists plans to open an upscale glatt kosher restaurant and catering company in Merion this summer with...

Kosher Restaurant Calls It Quits

Just a few weeks after announcing plans to add a food truck to the city's burgeoning kosher scene, the owner of Max & David's...

Nuts for Doughnuts

If a doughnut-eating contest came to Philly, Zach Engel would surely have an edge.Engel taste-tests up to 40 of the fried sweets every week...