Filling Her Philly Fashion Plate

The design business is not for the fashion weak, which says much for Lower Moreland's Paula Shapiro that she's reached its upper echelon. Indeed,...

Modesty and Style

At a time when the hottest clothing designs often show off more skin than fabric, the concept of Orthodox fashion might seem like an...

Fashions Highlight an Afternoon of Philanthropic Work

Fundraising, fashions and a festive lunch filled the bill when Women's Philanthropy of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia held its annual Federation Allied...

Royally Mad For Color

  Of course shopping should be on summer’s itinerary. It stimulates the economy, provides quality bonding time, counts as exercise if done with gusto and...

Working Assets

If you’re still working out in a T-shirt from Super Sunday 1998, shorts with holes you hope no one sees, and a pair of...
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The Luxe Starts Here

Call it 50 Shades of Grey meets Kate Middleton: leather, lace and shimmery metallics sewn into tailored, polished garments are the biggest look for...