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Sidney Kimmel

  Sidney Kimmel In 2001, in the middle of December, 40,000 Philadelphians flocked to the Avenue of the Arts for the grand opening of the Kimmel...
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Celebrating Judaism

How the community expresses its religious sentiments began to vary with the start of a new millennium.
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Keeping the Faith

The reiligious life of Philadelphia and its environs expanded from mid-20th century on.
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Laying the Foundation

The groundwork was laid for religious life in the city at the start of the 20th century, as these photos attest.
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Religious Life

  If you were a Jew in Philadelphia during the latter half of the 19th century, one of an estimated 12,000 members of the tribe,...
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The Next Generations

Images track the maturation of the community as a new century dawns.
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The Community Grows

Watch the Jewish community grow and mature in this series of photos highlighting communal events and festivities.   This content was originally curated for a magazine...
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Creating Community

View the Exponent's slideshow of a number of communal activities that took place during the course of the 20th century. This content was originally curated...
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Miriam Steinberg-Egeth

  Miriam Steinberg-Egeth Growing up in a small upstate New York town an hour from Buffalo, N.Y., Miriam Steinberg-Egeth keenly felt the isolation of being a...
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Rabbi Philip Warmflash

  Rabbi Philip Warmflash In nearly 20 years in Philadelphia, Rabbi Philip Warmflash has seen Jewish organizations spring up and flourish, only to fade away. Or merge....