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Thinking Twice About 
Bubbe Meises

  Are you wary of black cats, first steps, empty ovens and opened ladders? Do you smell the Havdalah candle after it is extinguished? Do...
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The Secret Life of Letters

  If God wrote you a letter, would you read it? Well, God did, and you have. The letter is the Torah. For centuries, Jews...
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Changing Tomorrows

Giving means caring for others, helping them by adding to their lives in all sorts of ways.
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Coming Together to Make the Difference

Giving is another cornerstone of Jewish life, and Philadelphians have made a difference  for more than 100 years by assisting others with their time and money. 
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Marc Erlbaum

  Marc Erlbaum In 2000, 30-year-old Marc Erlbaum stood in a BJ’s Wholesale Club and wondered what to buy. In the parking lot, a U-Haul truck...
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Madison Stern

  Madison Stern Not just anybody gets a “mazel tov” from the president of the United States. This somebody is Madison Stern, a 16-year-old from Voorhees,...
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Joe and Connie Smukler

  Joe and Connie Smukler If you’ve been to a major Jewish communal event in Philadelphia over the past 40 years, chances are you’ve spotted Connie...
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  Who needs help? It’s a question asked and answered by Jews across the Delaware Valley. It’s become a l’dor v’dor question, with one generation of...

Worlds of Possibilities

Educational possibilties have changed with the times and entered the 21st century with renewed purpose and obvious zeal.
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Class Acts

Educational opportunities grew to include almost every possible neighborhood in the city — and beyond.