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Smash Must-Sing TV?

It's a show about "Let's put on a show!"But its production values are none that Mickey Rooney or Judy Garland would recognize, and its...
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It’s Shul Time for ‘Hairspray’

Jay Leistner is getting in touch with his feminine side.All 300 pounds of it. An architect and interior designer who runs his own company in...

Brotherly Love — and Sorrow

The mental illness of a daughter or son affects the well-being of the entire family, including healthy siblings.Examples of this are illustrated in Jonathan's...

Batter Up! New Book Puts Focus on Major League Jewish Stars

Nearly all fans of baseball history have heard of Hank Greenberg. Most have heard of Al Rosen. But fewer have heard of Cal Abrams,...

Wives More Challenged Than ‘Desperate’

It is interesting to note that The Secret Lives of Wives appeared in bookstores around the same time the television series Desperate Housewives began...

Abandon ‘Hope’: Author Charts Terrain of Novel

Shalom Auslander, a 41-year-old fiction writer and essayist, lives in upstate New York and grew up in the Orthodox enclave of Monsey, N.Y. Much...