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It’s Mel All Over Again

 Jews run Hollywood, the old cliche goes.So an outsider might find it strange that one of Hollywood's biggest studios, Warner Bros., agreed to make...

Hollywood’s Big Knight Arrives

Bucks County's Tom Sherak -- screen saver?With Oscar putting on his top hat to top off movie awards season this Sunday night, the president...

Rule by Frat Boys?

David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer, screenwriters of Sacha Baron Cohen's latest film, "The Dictator," were bantering in the comic actor's office as Alec Berg,...

This Ombudsman’s for You!

Got red eye?Forget an antihistamine; Andy Levy may be the cure.He's certainly helped Red Eye, an eye-opener of a politically incorrect comic news creation anchored...

Film With a Porpoise

The Israeli Film Festival continues its run, making a splash this time with "Dolphin Boy."  The flip side of Flipper? Such is Dolphin Boy, the award-winning...

Brotherly Love — and Sorrow

The mental illness of a daughter or son affects the well-being of the entire family, including healthy siblings.Examples of this are illustrated in Jonathan's...