Which Honey’s is Sweeter?


    With its new location on the corner of 21st and South Streets, Honey's must beat itself for "Best Brunch." And Stephanie's a little nervous after a sub-par dinner experience.

    "Huevos Rancheros, sour cream on the side, slices of avocado, please."

    That's my standard order at Honey's Sit 'n Eat for any mealtime. Honey's version comes piled atop crispy corn tortillas perfectly portioned with beans, melted cheese and salsa. I love this dish and the high quality, local ingredients!

    I've sat at the counter at the Northern Liberties flagship location and overheard people asking themselves aloud, "Should I order my usual?" It seems everyone has their Honey's standard. Now, however, we are faced with another dilemma: With its new location on the corner of 21st and South Streets, Honey's must beat itself for the "Best Brunch." And I'm a little nervous…

    Earlier this week I dined at the new location with my husband, sister and almost two-year-old nephew. Usually, when a restaurant is not that crowded, you expect more attention to detail in the food. But we found quite the opposite. My eggs were way overcooked, the torillas didn't taste fresh and the avocado was a little brown.

    It's been about three months since the opening so I figured the kinks in the kitchen had been worked out. Was it just a bad night? Does the staff work better under pressure? 

    Maybe you just can't replicate perfection. Or perhaps the best time to eat at Honey's isn't at dinner, possibly the reason owners/spouses Jeb Woody and Ellen Mogell decided to change the hours of operation at their Northern Liberties location.

    Despite my dinner disappointment at the South Street location, I'd still give Honey's a superior rating when it comes to brunch. Decide on your favorite dish and make some new friends while you wait in line.

    Honey's Sit 'n Eat
    800 N. 4th Street
    2101 South Street

    Bonus: Honey's offers its Bargain Breakfast at both locations weekdays from 7 – 9 a.m. — two eggs; potato latke, grits or home fries; toast and coffee for $3.95!!

    Happy Honey's Taste-Testing,

    The Bubbi Project