Types of Advice



    In the month between starting to formulate Miriam's Advice Well and the site going live, I walked around Philadelphia looking for questions.  What were the burning quandaries that the Jews of this city were just waiting to be able to ask someone online?

    I didn't have to scrounge too hard. More than once during that time, friends approached me and said things like, "You're a good person to give me advice about [fill in the blank]."  I filed all of those conversations away in preparation for this moment, and I can't wait for more questions to pour in!

    In the meantime, since one of the features of blogs allows writers to file posts into different categories, I thought I'd try my hand at categorizing types of advice:

    Social situation:  This category includes but is not limited to anything involving friends, weddings, texting, happy hours or invitations.

    Personal drama:  These are the kinds of questions that arise when an individual thinks too hard, aka existentialism, aka staying up too late looking at exes' pictures on facebook.

    Family:  These are your typical seder, break fast, bris, or brunch dilemmas.  Also, they're anything involving anyone whose relation to you ends in "in-law."

    Dating:  Ah, love.  These might be my favorite.

    Food: I'm really hoping to get a lot of questions from this category.  I'm excited to answer questions ranging from "How do I make waffles like my zayda?" to "How many bottles of wine do I need for Shabbat dinner?" to "Why did our forefathers eat schmaltz?"  (By the way, that first one is mine.  And the answer is, "No one will ever make waffles as good as my zayda."

    Wackadoo: These are the questions so bizarre that you know they're real because no one could ever make them up.

    Other: There's got to be a catch-all category!

    By all means, don't let these categories limit the questions you submit.  Just take it as a prediction of where we might be headed.