The Best of 2013


    What's a blog without some end-of-year best-of post? Miriam's favorite Jewish articles, websites, memes and more from the past year. 

    Dear Readers,

    What's a blog without some end-of-year best-of post? Plus, you might need some reading to keep you occupied on New Year's Day, one of the most boring days of the year (unless you plan to spend all day at the Mummers parade). Here are some of my favorite Jewish articles, websites, memes and more from the past year. Thanks to all who contributed suggestions for this list, including the friend who said that THIS was one of her favorite blogs! Enjoy the following recommendations and feel free to add your own in the comments!

    Quick, Quirky and Quizzes

    • If you (or any non-Jewish co-workers) ever need to know if it's a Jewish holiday, click here.
    • If you're interested in America dialects and cool maps, take this quiz. It's not particularly Jewish, but it's really neat!
    • Hilchos Halloween. This one you truly have to read to believe. If you don't get all the references, don't sweat it.
    • How many of these "Jewish" foods have you eaten?
    • Though Thanksgivukkah has come and gone, this buzzfeed post must have been one of the most widely circulated listicles ever (at least among Jews!).
    • Here's one that I take credit for finding, though I seriously can't believe that not a single one of my friends alerted me to its existence: There's a Settlers of Catan cookbook!

    Articles With a Capital A 
    (All recommended by my fabulous cadre of Facebook friends and in no particular order)

    General Jewish Websites of Interest
    (Each of which you could probably read for a week straight and not exhaust)

    • G-dCast: Meaningful Jewish Screentime. (Their words, not mine.)
    • Jewish Exponent: It should go without saying that I highly recommend the Exponent and all of its affiliated articles, blogs and more. Jewish Philly is lucky to have such a great online and offline publication, and we're also lucky to have the Exponent in the company of so many other truly extraordinary Jewish online resources.
    • Kveller: A Jewish twist on parenting. One of their main features is a blog by Mayim Bialik, but there are many wonderful and diverse contributors sharing all kinds of Jewish parenting resources and experiences.
    • Tablet Magazine: A New Read on Jewish Life, focusing on culture, religion and politics.
    • The Jewish Daily Forward: The former Yiddish-only paper has remade itself into a major online presence.
    • Times of Israel: Lots of articles, lots of blogs, lots of opinions.

    Disclaimer: This list is not meant to be comprehensive, cohesive or exhaustive, but it's a little snapshot of what some people in my little corner of the Jewish world have been reading this year. I hope you find something here that speaks to you, and I hope we all find many more inspiring, intriguing and infinitely interesting online reads in 2014.

    Happy New Year and be well,